How to Calm Your Anxious Thoughts by Living in the Moment

When you experience anxiety in your daily life, often you forget the fact that your mind becomes anxious thinking about the past and worrying about the future.

Therefore, calming down your anxious thoughts is of utmost importance to reduce your mind’s restlessness. Thus, when you are feeling anxious, living in the moment helps you calm your racing thoughts.

For this purpose, if you can practice some simple mindfulness practices when you are feeling anxious, it will calm your mind and ease anxiety.

Image Courtesy: Debbie Ducic/Unsplash

Here I have brought five easy-to-do mindful activities that will help you cope with your anxious thoughts. Let’s explore.

Journal Your Thoughts:

Journaling is the first thing I do when I experience anxiety. Sitting in your journal and writing down your thoughts help you channel them in an organized manner.

Anxiety fuels a sense of uncertainty, fear, and insecurity in your mind. Therefore, if you can write down the factors that are making your mind restless, you will certainly reach the solution to make things easier.

In addition, you can ask yourself the reasons behind your fears and why the thoughts are bothering you so much that they are making you feel anxious.

Journaling will help you identify the reasons behind your anxiety and you can put them in a particular way to figure out the easiest solution. It will also help you to connect to yourself, living in the moment.

Go for a Walk:

Whenever I feel anxious, I go for a walk. This is the second thing I do to calm down my anxious mind.

Anxiety is a state of mind when you are unable to calm down your restless mind. It happens because you can’t find your mental peace and continuously search for a stable solution for your worries.

However, at that moment of restlessness, if you can go out and walk in nature, it will heal your mind.

The green color of trees, the sweet smell of flowers, the healing sound of woods, and the vastness of the sky will remind you of what you have in your life. Thus, a sense of gratitude will blossom in your heart, and it will help you calm your mind.

How to Calm Down Your Anxious Thoughts by Living in the Moment

Image Source: Quinton Coetzee/Unsplash

Bring Your Color Book:

Are you feeling anxious? If yes, it’s time for some dose of sunshine with your creativity. Bring your color book, and start filling the blank spaces with colors.

Similarly, you can doodle with your own designs on blank paper and use vibrant colors to make them more attractive. The designs, the colors, and the doodling process will help you destress and focus on the present moment.

Thus, coloring and doodling help in calming down the restless mind.

Pause and Breathe:

If your mind is in an anxious state for a long time, it will need a break from its restlessness. The more you become anxious, the more you start panicking about every little thing in your daily life.

At times, being anxious for a long time could make you experience sudden outbursts of emotions that go beyond your control. Therefore, in your period of anxious thoughts, it is better to pause.

Give your mind a small break from the fear, uncertainty, and insecurity that were making you feel worried about the future. Instead, pause for a while and practice deep breathing.

It will help you feel relaxed and you will get a new perspective on finding a solution to the reason behind your anxious mind.

Do One Thing at a Time:

When you are anxious about future tasks and uncertain about their execution, pick them one by one. Check your to-do list, and pick the task having top priority.

Then, start doing the job with undivided attention without worrying about the next one in the queue.

Doing your to-do-list tasks one at a time helps your mind declutter the unnecessary burdens and you can easily avoid multitasking.

Thus, your anxious thoughts will slowly calm down when you see your pending tasks are finished and this sense of accomplishment will give you peace of mind.

Concluding Thoughts:

At times, you may feel anxious when you are simply watching a movie or reading a book. It happens because your mind dwells in a restless state for long days.

As a result, thoughts of fear or uncertainty pop up in your mind even when you are in comfort. At that time, all you need is to live in the present moment.

Therefore, if you can practice the above-mentioned mindful activities to curb those thoughts that fuel your anxiety, it will help your mind calm down.

Furthermore, you will connect to yourself more profoundly to know your goals and set intentions as practicing these activities gives you a clear vision of your purpose in life.

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